Piroshky Piroshky is a bakery I didn’t even know I needed, but after eating there just once, I told my sister I could eat there every day of my life.

The minute I arrived home from college for summer my sister and I drafted a list of all the restaurants we needed to visit before I left for school again. I go to college in the middle of nowhere Indiana, where the most diverse food you’ll find is Panda Express and Texas Roadhouse.

I was born and raised in the Seattle area, so diverse food is my version of comfort food. I was on the search for a restaurant serving authentic Russian food. After my sister had heard great things about Piroshky Piroshky, it was immediately added to our list.

We went to the shop in Westfield Southcenter Mall, where the lines are much shorter than those at the Pike Place Market location. The array of sweet and savory pastries in the display made it difficult to choose which piroshky to order because they all looked delicious. Piroshkies are Russian pastries baked with dough or flaky crust. The savory versions typically have potato and/or beef. There really is no other food like these pastries. We bought the smoked salmon pâté, the potato and mushroom, the beef and onion, and the smoked mozzarella, mushroom, and broccoli piroshkies.

The smoked salmon pâté was baked in a soft, golden bread. The creativity in baking it in the shape of a salmon was clever and made it easy to differentiate which flavor it was. The salmon filling was smoky and salty. This piroshky seemed very fitting for the PNW area and I am sure it is very popular.

My favorite was the potato and mushroom. The warm bread was dusted with dill, which is my favorite spice because of its fresh taste. The potato was cooked perfectly alongside earthy mushrooms and green onion.

The beef and onion had a flaky, buttery crust. The filling was juicy and so very flavorful. This was most likely the softest of the piroshkies I tried, which made it somewhat difficult to eat.

The smoked mozzarella, mushroom, and broccoli had a subtle, creamy flavor. I enjoyed this one because I am not a big meat-eater and this was a great vegetarian option.

If you are craving some freshly baked, hand-made, Russian comfort-food, then stop by one of Piroshky Piroshky’s bakeries.

Note: Photo shows the smoked mozzarella, mushroom, broccoli piroshky, the smoked salmon pate piroshky, the beef and onion piroshky, and the potato and mushroom piroshky, from left to right, top to bottom.