23 Lunch Ideas That Are Too Cool For SchoolSchool lunch ideas, too cool for school

With the beginning of the school year coming just around the corner, we know many of you are already making plans for the year, picking out school supplies, and thinking about what you may start making for lunches. We all know the struggle of getting our kids, siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. to eat healthy and to like food that’s good for them. We also understand that getting ready for school in the mornings can be crazy! So, we hope that “23 Lunch Ideas That Are Too Cool For School” will help make school lunch fun, simple and quick so we can make your mornings go a little smoother.

1. Make cutouts and shapes of different foods. (I.e. fruits, veggies, sandwiches, etc.) You can use cookie cutters on sandwiches or fruit. You can also arrange food into fun shapes.

2. Put notes in kiddos lunch boxes. Whether they’re sweet, funny or reminders hand-written notes definitely add a personal touch!

3. Mix it up! Nobody likes to have the same thing every day. Get creative and have fun with it!

4. Make it healthy and fresh! It takes a little bit of work, but with the right planning and prep, healthy food can be made simple.

5. Occasionally add treats. (Candy, cookies, or other favorites they may have.)

6. Have the kids help. It gets them involved, working a little and makes it fun!

7. Use/make fun lunch boxes and accessories.

8. Keep things organized! This may not sound like so much fun, but it will make the rest of the week a lot more fun. It’s frustrating when you can’t find anything you need!

9. Plan ahead. Sometimes you can prepare a whole week of lunches on Sunday!

10. Make silly face sandwich bags. You can do this by drawing faces on the bags with sharpies. They’re hysterical!

11. Include favorite characters! It can be a few things or the whole lunch. You can buy character themed toys or accessories, you can draw them on post-its or theme lunches after them. This can also be done with favorite books, colors or animals.

12. Make lunches festive, seasonal or holiday themed. Christmas wreath cookies, Halloween popcorn balls, cranberry-turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes, birthday lunch (wrap lunch items like presents), the list goes on and on.

13. Bento-boxes. These are a big deal right now. I see them all over Pinterest. They vary in style and content. They are definitely fun!

14. Make fruit essence water. They look beautiful and they’re a great way to keep the kids hydrated and not give them juice every day. You can make this with many different fruit combinations by putting fruit in little water bottles (or mason jars if you want to get fancy!) and let the fruit soak for a bit.

15. In reference to having the kids help make and pack their lunches, you can set up a school lunch station! It helps with keeping things organized, making the packing go quickly and just making things more fun. You can use cheap plastic bins to store different lunch containers and snacks and then go down the line each morning.

16. While keeping lunches healthy (most of the time) make food kids like. Grilled cheese roll-ups and tomato soup, corn dog mini muffins, apple and cheddar quesadillas, these are just a few ideas out of many! The point is these lunches can be healthy AND yummy!

17. Spice up old favorites! Instead of plain old pb&j, you could use mini waffles for bread, or pb&j pinwheels. This and other fun variations are options!

18. Make use of leftovers. If dinner was really good, something the kids love, use it. Meatloaf sandwiches, soup or mac and cheese, etc.

19. Breakfast for lunch! If your kiddo loves breakfast foods, this would be a perfect way to make simple lunch that’s still fun.

20. Miniature foods in general. They fit amazingly in lunch boxes and they are super cute! Some examples would be: mini pizzas, mini burritos, sandwich sliders, mini chicken pot pies, etc.

21. Buy in bulk. Costco is your friend. This is great for snacks and drinks as well as buying a little more of certain products. You can either use them for different things or make more of one thing and use it for multiple lunches. Casseroles, salads, kabobs, snack mix, etc.

22. Be resourceful. Reuse small bottles or containers for sauce, freeze drinks for ice packs, use muffin liners as separators, etc.

23. Build-your-own lunch. You can pack all the pieces and let them build their own lunch at lunch time. It’s fun and creative!

Thank you for reading “23 Lunch Ideas That Are Too Cool For School”! You have now reached the end and you may be wondering, “Why 23 ideas?” This is because after taking a look at the calendar, we figured 23 should be more than enough to give you an idea for every school day of the month! (Just a fun fact I thought I’d share with you.)

Make sure to share “23 Lunch Ideas That Are Too Cool For School” with all your friends and we hope you and your kiddos have an amazing school year!