Seattle’s Pike Place Market recently celebrated its 110th birthday (or pike place, pike place market, seattleanniversary, whatever you’d like to call it). Happy Birthday Pike Place Market; that’s 110 years of history, sights worth seeing, Seattleite fun and incredible food!  Whether you’re a Seattle native or a tourist visiting the Emerald City for the first time, there’s no denying how amazing Pike Place Market is. Everyone who sets foot onto that historic cobblestone and sees the iconic market sign, I’m sure would agree, there’s nothing quite like it. The market is so lively, full of energy and although a bit crowded due to its popularity, SO MUCH FUN.

SO, the next time you visit Pike Place here are a few things you…

Must Do:

• Go to Golden Age Collectibles. This is my favorite comic book store, but it’s so much more than that! It is America’s oldest comic shop. Not only do they have comic books, but they also have tons of collectibles and character memorabilia. Before you enter the shop you are greeted by an array of life-size cutouts of amazing characters like Iron Man, Yoda, Dr. Who, Boba Fett, Flash and many others. Another fun thing about this store is their collection of movie/TV scripts; you can get a script from one of your favorite films.

yoda, star wars, comics, comic book store, seattle, pike place

This is Yoda on the 4th of July when I last visited this comic shop.

• Get your portrait done at Pike Place Portrait with Nick Elazar. This artist’s set up is directly outside the comic shop mentioned above. I have seen the work this artist displays in his little corner of Pike Place and it is amazing.

• Chew a piece of gum and make your mark on the Gum Wall by sticking it there with the others. Gross, I know, but it’s a Seattle thing.

• Take a picture with Rachel the Piggy Bank and other Pike Place Pigs you come across.

• Explore the Market Magic & Novelty Shop. This is a very fun shop. The entrance is well decorated and the shop itself is covered wall to wall inside with all kinds of great toys and tricks. You can also see Elvis in the back of the store in one of those fortune telling machines.

• Buy flowers. The market has multiple flower stands that sell HUGE, gorgeous bouquets for really cheap! Bouquets range in size and price from $5 – $25. (I got all my wedding flowers there for $100!)

• Buy a fish at the Pike Place Fish Market. The fish here is fresh and the staff is loads of fun to watch.

pig, pigs, seattle, pike place, pike place market

• Take Instagram-worthy pictures. There are tons of photo-ops all around Pike Place. As well as great views.

• Donate to or join street performers. Of course, ask them before joining, but this definitely is a way to have some fun while exploring Pike Place. Stomp your foot, clap your hands or sing a tune, and keep things exciting while you explore.

• Take a stroll down Post Alley. There are so many great things tucked away in this little alley way.

• After that, check out more of the area surrounding Pike Place. There is so much great stuff to explore that’s near the market but not in it including a City Target, Hard Rock Café, and more.

• Get samples at Corner Produce. This is both something to do and to taste.

flowers, pike place, pike place market, seattle

Here are the flowers I bought last time I was at Pike Place!

Must See:

• See the Gum Wall. You may not want to participate in the somewhat unsanitary fun, but it’s still a cool sight to see, and then you can say you’ve been there.

• Check out the new Market Front and its incredible views. This is another great photo op.

• Experience the World Famous Giant Shoe Museum. Compare your height and shoe size to that of the World’s Tallest Man. Some of the objects are coin operated for viewing, so bring change.

• Take in the beauty as you stroll through the market and see all the flowers. SO MANY FLOWERS. Even if you’re not wanting to buy any flowers and have to carry them around, they are definitely worth seeing, smelling and getting a good picture or two.

• Observe FLYING FISH at the Pike Place Fish Market. Whether you’re in a fishy mood or not the staff here always like to put on a good show. Just be careful not to get hit by a fish.

flowers, bouquets, pike place, pike place market, seattle

• Watch Street Performers. I have seen and heard some talented musicians while exploring Pike Place.

• Visit unique stands like this one, Volcanic Ash: Mt. St. Helens Giftz. These stands run by small, local businesses are a great way to explore the area and learn more about Seattle culture and trends.

• Also, make sure you see all the cute little book stores both in the market and nearby.

Must Taste:

Le Panier – This is my favorite bakery. This French bakery bakes fresh pastries, breads and sweets every day. The smell of this place is phenomenal just like the food! They also have coffee and espresso. I LOVE their meringues, macarons and raspberry croissants.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – There are a few Beecher’s locations, but the Pike Place location is my favorite. There’s a big window on the side of the shop where you can see the cheese being made right there. Their mac and cheese, grilled cheese and just cheese in general are amazing.

Pike Place Chowder – These guys have some of my all-time favorite chowder. What’s so great is that it’s not just clam chowder. They have 8 different varieties served daily. They’ve won many awards for their chowder. If you love seafood and especially chowder, you will not regret going here!

seattle, pike place market, pike place

Piroshky Piroshky – We’ve mentioned their Southcenter location before, but the Pike Place location is worth trying. There is always a line outside their shop, and it always smells fantastic. I know the lines may not sound too appealing, but the places with a line are often really good and worth the wait.

• SAMPLES – Try free samples from vendors throughout the market, not everyone has them, but many do. It’s a fun way to decide where you want to eat or just to spend the afternoon.

Pappardelle’s Pasta – Dark. Chocolate. Linguine. That’s right. They have chocolate pasta! They give out samples of it raw and it is good like that, but I’ve heard great things about cooking this dessert pasta and serving it with ice cream and chocolate sauce on top.

Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar – This historic seafood restaurant has been around since 1909. While reading more about this place I discovered that the main characters of Sleepless in Seattle ate here in the film. How cool is that?! I’ve seen that they have lots of great reviews from other guests that have eaten there besides Tom Hanks.

The Crumpet Shop – Crumpets. I have not been here yet, but I want to. They have crumpets, scones and tea. Made fresh every day. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

seattle, pike place, market front, mount rainier, downtown seattle

This is one of the views from the new Pike Place Market Front.

Jack’s Fish Spot (Eat at Jack’s) – This is truly a hole in the wall type of joint. If you’re not looking carefully, you might miss it as it’s tucked away within this fish market. I’ve eaten here before and I liked it. Their fish and chips are great and everything is incredibly fresh. They have a great variety of local seafood including smoked salmon cocktail, clams, mussels, oysters and much, much more.

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