Like any true Seattleite, our staff here at CeSI have a deep love for coffee. We figured we’d take that appreciation of liquid joy and put it to good use. Here is a list of 7 of our favorite coffee shops around the Seattle area. This list was a collaboration of a few staff members. Read on to see what places you should try next!coffee, coffee shop, seattle

  1. Mike’s Community Cup – Mike’s is a regular stop on my list of favorite coffee shops. They can make many different flavored coffees. The flavored coffees I recommend are their coconut blended mocha and hazelnut blended mocha. They will even make Italian sodas with red bull, which is not a common menu item in coffee shops. (And the flavor combinations on these are practically endless!) They also prepare delicious sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. They serve mouthwatering bagels and pastries baked by local, Seattle companies. They are major supporters of local business, especially since they are one and they are highly involved in the SeaTac community. (As you could probably tell by their name.) The mural inside their shop was painted by students from a nearby high school and they often donate to local schools and sports teams. Mike’s Community Cup is the shop to stop by if you are looking for awesome flavored coffees for any season and some good food.
  2. Drip City Coffee Co. – My first experience here was a cool one, so it made me a little bias with liking this place. The first time I went here was for a promotional event put on by Netflix before the premier of the Gilmore Girls revival. They turned various cafes and coffee shops across the country into “Luke’s Diner” from the show. Being the Gilmore Girls fan that I am, it was AMAZING. It also helped me find this rad coffee shop downtown. Their décor and style is very cool and their coffee is great. Plus, they have a great selection of pastries. I’m looking forward to going back here! (I’ll be a little bummed it’s not a “Luke’s Diner” anymore, but it’ll still be great.)
  3. Dubsea Coffee – For about a year and a half I worked at an elementary school that was just down the block from this place, and it is where everybody went! They are local, they make great coffee and they have amazing pastries, cookies and other food. In addition to the pretty designs they sometimes do in the foam on your coffee, I also love the sugar cookies they sell from Little Rae’s Bakery. (They’re a nut-free bakery which is great for someone with a tree-nut allergy.) One of my favorite things about this place is how it’s such a shared space between members of the community; teachers, parents, students, staff and many other members of the community all frequent this shop regularly.
  4. Storyville Coffee – This is such a cute coffee shop! Great coffee, great ambiance. These guys have a few locations. The one I went to is downtown on 1st Avenue between Pioneer Square and Pike Place. It’s right in the middle of all the action. Nearby are all sorts restaurants, shops, fun things to do and plenty to explore! The barista I had was very nice and extremely social which made getting coffee there even better! It’s always nice to feel welcome and wanted. I have friends that have gone here and loved it too, so I’m not the only one who thinks they’re great.
  5. Everest Tea & Coffee House – This shop has great service. The barista delivered my chocolate filled croissant and mocha to my table, unlike having to wait at the counter for awhile, and took my plate away when I was finished. The coffee is roasted by Peet’s Coffee, and is a smooth, rich blend. Alongside a long list of teas, they have kombucha on their menu, which makes them very unique. They happen to serve one of the first caffeine-free kombuchas in the area. Like Mike’s Community Cup, Italian sodas with red bull are also on the menu. Additionally, they have a row of machines that serve Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt. If you want a coffee shop with nice open space and great coffee for a business meeting or just a morning cup of joe, Everest Tea & Coffee House is the place to visit.
  6. Normandy Perk – This coffee shop has strong coffee and great muffins. I completely recommend the banana chocolate chip muffin. They make many different flavored coffees, all of which are all the perfect blend of sweet and robust. They also serve Full Tilt ice cream. They always have very friendly service. They play some of my favorite music, which has a great coffee shop vibe. The decor is creative and there is a little library where you can borrow a book while sipping your coffee. The Normandy Perk is the shop for you if you are wanting to visit a cute, neighborhood coffee shop.
  7. Burien Press – They have wonderful, dark roast coffee served in the classic white cups and saucers. They even make the foam on top into delicate, little swirls that are almost too beautiful to drink. There is always fascinating art produced by local artists hanging on the walls. If you want some amazing coffee in a great, creative atmosphere, Burien Press is the place to go.

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*This blog post was written by Keturah Boyts and Co-Author Rebekka Paulsen.