Hi, I’m Ed and I’m a DIYer. Most of the time this doesn’t pose a problem. However, sometimes for us self-reliant people it can be difficult to know when to hire out. As a landlord and a home owner, I have plenty of projects through which I can build up my DIY competencies and use as a valid reason to purchase more power tools. Even so, as much as I enjoy tackling a remodel project, I have had to learn when to call on the professionals.DIY, do it yourself, handy, ha

Here are some considerations:

  1. Safety – Some jobs require more than one set of hands or expert level knowledge in order to prevent disaster.
  2. Licensing – When dealing with certain electrical, plumbing, or framing jobs, a professional is required.
  3. Time – Sure maybe you could do the job, but will it turn into a new career?
  4. Savings on material – Professionals most often get the best deal on materials needed to complete the project.
  5. Options – Professionals will often offer a different perspective to achieve the desired outcome that wouldn’t otherwise be known or considered.

Recently our family decided to invest in a permanent awning for our second story back deck. The dealer offered the option of self-install or professional. Now you know I was tempted to take the self-install route and save a few bucks. After all, I had all the tools required and the know-how. However, after some deliberation with my wife, we opted for the professional installation. And I’m so glad we did! In the case of the awning install, two major factors played a key part in the decision-making process – Safety and Time. The installers had a crew of 3 and it took about 2 1/2 days. There was a lot of ladder work and handling of cumbersomely long materials that required more than one person. Had I attempted to complete this task on my own accord it could have resulted in my untimely demise, or even worse, serious injury. Even so, assuming I had been successful in not harming myself, it would have taken me much longer than 2 1/2 days to have completed the job on my own. That would have been time away from the family. Indeed, I’m grateful for the choice we made, it was well worth the extra cost. So next time you are faced with the question ‘To DIY or not to DIY?’, take a moment and review the considerations listed. If a professional is needed, you can count on the pros at Shirey Home Pro. And if you’re not certain whether to do it yourself, I recommend you simply Ask the HomePro.