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There have been great successes in the Highline School District lately! Graduation rates are on the rise. In fact, we’re seeing the most significant gains in grad rates since 2013! So far, it seems that the expectations & standards set for “a path to success for every student” have been paying off.

In 2017, the Highline School District saw a 78.8% graduation rate which was up from the 62.3% graduation rate they had back in 2013. They are working to achieve this goal through high expectations and learning standards, individual attention to keep students on track, career-connected learning and work experiences and focus on positive behavior and well-being.

I went to school in the Highline District from Kindergarten through 12th grade and I went on to work for the district as a para educator for about 3 years. My mom has been a district employee for over 14 years and this past year my sister (who also graduated from Highline) started working as a para educator. So, I think it’s safe to say that I am familiar with this district both past and present, in its strengths and weaknesses and this something wonderful to see.

My hope is that this growth and improvement will only continue to build and pick up momentum. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see every High school student graduate and be better equipped to achieve their dreams?