I’ve been called many things in my life, but “Grandma SeaTac” is the newest moniker.  Bestowed upon me by my grandsons, ages 5 and 3, there is a clear logic.  They have one set of grandparents who now live in Arizona.  These have been dubbed “Grandma and Grandpa Arizona” and so since my grandsons, like us, live in Washington State, I and my husband have been dubbed “Grandma and Grandpa SeaTac”.  Funny thing is my husband and I have lived in this area since 1988, two years before it was incorporated and became the City of SeaTac.  Had it not become incorporated would we be “Grandma and Grandpa Unincorporated King County”?  What a thought!!!  Ah well, when your grandchildren give you a name, you own it proudly.

I remember when the city founders were brainstorming a name.  SeaTac was certainly not my husband’s or my first choice.  However, it just made sense to people.  The city is located between Seattle and Tacoma and sits on the East side of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, fondly known as Sea-Tac.

We have lived in this area for more than half my life.  Our three daughters each attended schools in SeaTac from Kindergarten through at least Junior High and I served as a volunteer in the school district for many of those years.  In addition, my husband and I have attended and served our community through a church which also is located within city limits.  And this year our business, which is located in our home (in SeaTac), will be 20 years old.

Together as a family we can recall many changes in the city – the move of City Hall, hotels and restaurants that have come and gone or changed names and ownership, schools which have been replaced with brand new facilities and the light rail which has improved access to Southcenter Mall and Downtown Seattle.  So why not grow into this new name?  Grandma SeaTac, I am!