If you and your family are anything like mine, you might be looking for something fun to do during this festival season. Below is a list of ideas that are sure to round in all your “ghosts” and scare quite a smile on some faces.

Go apple picking
Find a local corn maze
Check out a hayride
Make self-portraits with fall leaves
Host a scary movie fest
Tour a winery
Give antiquing a try
Hike a trail or go for a drive to see how the leaves have changed
Make Halloween costumes
Put together a bonfire and roast marshmallows
Make something homemade: apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin or apple pie, chili, or rice crispy treats
Craft up some pine cone bird feeders
Decorate your home with festive fun: Goodwill, Ross, Dollar Store, Marshall’s


You know that I am going to suggest carving pumpkins. But, here are some additional great ideas to spice up your carving craze.

Poke holes all around and make a starry night
Mix baking soda and vinegar to make your pumpkin foam at the mouth
Cut an old pair of jeans and borrow a spare shoe to make a fake leg to feed to your pumpkin.
Use tooth picks for sharp and scary teeth
Stick candy suckers into the top of your pumpkin for hair and trick-or-treating ease.
Hammer cookie cutters to punch out easy shapes

Do you want to skip the ooey-goey mess of carving? Here are some ideas to decorate your pumpkin without using a knife.

Break out the paint brushes and paint these gourds in glow in the dark colors
Paint your pumpkin and use a long stick to make it look like a caramel apple
Paint or glue windows, doors and any other fun housing like material and make yourself a “fairy” house
Decorate your gourd to look like a candy corn, minion, emoji, penguin, or even a donut
Place clock numbers around and use the hands for a nose for a mysterious clock face
Dress up your pumpkin in a Masquerade mask and décor
Try making Mr. Potato Head out of your pumpkin
Go glitter crazy
Mod podge raffle tickets or lace/fabric to your pumpkin for a fun new twist
Hammer in some nails and wrap string around to make interactive shapes
Melt crayons for a drip effect or just use a red crayon for a blood splatter effect
Wrap your gourd in cheese cloth, accompanied by googly eyes and you’ll have a perfect mummy
Place silly pipe cleaners along the side of the pumpkin to make a spooky spider
Break out the hot glue and try pasting plastic spiders, buttons, keys, even leaves all over your pumpkin for a festive new take.
Using white pumpkins, write on them something you’re grateful for once a day for the month

These are just a few fun ideas. Think of something else? Please comment below and let the October celebration begin!