Working remotely sounds like a chore to some and a dream to others. I never imagined I would end up working remotely for any company, let alone one that is across the country. But, I love what I do and the freedom it offers. Taking the time to understand what is required to thrive in this kind of work environment is worthwhile if you’re looking to work remotely yourself, or simply wondering how others find value init.

Dedication I have been asked many times why I chose to work for a company states away from where I live. Now, given that I’m from Washington state, I have experience with the businesses for which I create content, so it is not the case that I have no understanding on the subjects the about which I am posting. But, I’m obviously not physically there for the majority of the year. On that account, dedication is key. Staying up to date on the matters of the clients, the information on the area they serve and market they serve is a priority.

Reliance on a Team Coworkers are key. When I need photos and interviews from clients and I’m not there to gather this information, I rely on my coworkers to help generate the information