Store presentation

Quips about Seattle weather can span the full year. But with a tag line like “may chocolate be your umbrella”, suddenly I am less concerned with this season’s rain and more interested in the goodies I bought from SeattleChocolate. I’ve been driving by this little factory on Andover Park for a couple years now and wasn’t sure what they were all about. On a whim, my co-worker and I decided to stop and check out a tour. For only $10 a person, I am so glad we did!

Seattle Chocolate is a 27-year-old company with an incredible product: CHOCOLATE. OK, so chocolate in itself is an incredible product, but Seattle Chocolate’s chocolate goes beyond the mark. With Kosher dairy and gluten free ingredients, this factory prides itself on quality products that not only entrain anyone’s taste buds but stand for something more. They have vegan options, too and with deep cleans between product productions, Seattle Chocolate continues mindfulness regarding cross contamination risks.

What’s better than a quality product, the heart behind it. Company owner, Jean Thompson, has intentionally laced social responsibility, environmental protection and community involvement throughout the practices of her company. Seattle Chocolate is committed to environmental preservation and ending hunger. Seattle Chocolate farmers continue to protect and nurture these plants as they age out of production. The cocoa plant can live up to 100 years, even though the plant stops producing cocoa after about 60 years. The farmers continue to maintain the plant for its natural contribution to the environment. Farmers act with a mindfulness of water and soil conservation and are encouraged to protect the wildlife and forests. This and many other efforts have awarded them Rainforest Alliance Certified status. Seattle Chocolate has also said no to forced labor, child labor, and other work place injustices. They aim to provide their employees with healthcare, education and higher wages. To top off their heart for bettering the lives of others, with each JCOCO bar sold, Seattle Chocolate donates one serving to someone in need. Aiming to ending hunger, millions of servings have been donated.

brightly wrapped chocolate truffles
Truffles as far as the eye can see!

Seattle Chocolate has an incredibly gifted team – from the food scientists who create the culinary inspired flavors to the fun personable workers who give tours of the facility. The truffle gift boxes are packaged by hand. They have some incredible pieces of machinery working alongside to speed up the process. Pac-Tec wraps 14 truffles in a single second. Carle (name of truffle machine) is responsible for molding and enrobing Seattle Chocolate truffles while Aasted takes care of the bars. With 7 loading docks, Seattle Chocolate ships product all around the U.S., Canada, and now Japan.  

chart used to survey chocolates
Taste test and determine your favorites.

Not only did we get to see and learn many cool things about chocolate and the factory on this tour, but we also got to taste so many incredible flavors. It was a blast from start to finish. If you are looking for something educational and fun to do with the family or your sweetheart this Valentines season, consider going on a tour through this little factory. Interested in more information? Check out Seattle Chocolate’s website at