Decorated Easter eggs outside

Sometimes the best way to decide how to decorate eggs is as simple as going through your junk drawer. Other times, you come up with a good idea and take it to an arts and crafts store to get supplies.

Below is a list of different ideas that you can try this Easter to decorate eggs and spend time with family.

  1. silver eggs:
  2. coloring eggs with dye:
  3. paper “clothes”:
  4. pipe cleaners:
  5. heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs:
  6. Sharpies:
  7. crayons:
  8. glitter
  9. tape
  10. confetti:
  11. photo transfer:
  12. tissue paper:
  13. lace:
  14. rhinestones
  15. pushpins:
  16. temporary tattoos:
  17. sprinkles
  18. puffy paint:
  19. paint splatter:
  20. handwriting
  21. yarn/string:
  22. don’t forget the googly eyes

Other great ideas:

Check out how Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc decorated Easter eggs: